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Give and Receive the Gift of Art

If you have a special occasion for which you are registering for gifts, you can register for an original work of art from tinku gallery.

How does this work?

If there is a specific piece you like, contact us to set it aside for you and we will set up a personalized webpage that you can forward to your friends and family. Your page will have a picture of the artwork, along with a little description and a link for people to purchase a gift credit towards the piece. Here is a sample page.

Not ready to select a particular piece? If you are not sure which piece is right for you, you can set up a gift credit page where people can contribute towards a gift of art. You can use this towards any piece in our collection. We will help you choose the right work for your space, by meeting with you either at the gallery or in your home and helping you establish something perfect for your taste and budget.

Optional announcement email/cards If you would like to notify your guests that you have registered with tinku gallery, give us your email list and we will send out a one-time announcement with a convenient link to your registry. Or, receive a printed note to include as an insert in your mailing.

Giving a gift of art?

Art is a wonderful thing to give someone as a gift, as they can keep it in their home for a lifetime and pass it on to future generations. If you are a gift giver, you can either contribute towards a particular piece that your recipient has registered for, or you can purchase a gift credit that can be used towards any item in our collection.

Your gift recipient will receive a handwritten card from tinku gallery with a message from you.