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tinku is the nickname given to me as a toddler in India. It stuck with me when my family moved to the island of Newfoundland, Canada where I grew up before leaving at age 17 for extended adventures that have taken me to thirty countries on six continents. After living in Europe, I befriended a community of painters and sculptors who had fled communist Bulgaria to settle in Canada. These talented individuals sparked the beginning of my love affair with visual art.

I started collecting art in the late 1990’s but found it intimidating to approach contemporary art galleries because I didn’t have much money or knowledge about art or art history. As I learned more, I started connecting my artist friends to people who loved art; many sales resulted. One day while house hunting in Toronto I found a storefront space in my neighbourhood for sale.  I decided I didn't need a house but I did need an art gallery, so 24 hours later, the space that now houses tinku gallery was mine.

tinku gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists from across Canada and the US working in traditional media, mixed media and photography. Based on my previous experience, I decided that my gallery should be friendly and approachable to new collectors with art and artists that established collectors appreciate. tinku is a place where art and art lovers meet.

I invite you to visit tinku gallery in person or browse our website. I look forward to meeting you.


Founder, tinku gallery